one of the ten thousand things.

once upon a time there was a boy.
he grew up in a home with 4 brothers,
and a mother + father who modeled and encouraged trust
in the one true foundation that could never be shaken.
the boy grew up to be a man.
he was passionate and strong and kind
and worked with his hands.
he married, fixed up a house,
and welcomed a sweet baby girl to the world.
and the boy was happy.
then that merciless thief cancer swept in.
and the boy lost his daughter.
then his wife.
then his house.
his world crumbled around him.
his house, his work, his girls and everything he had was gone.
except for the foundation.
and in the dark loneliness, that foundation held strong.
though the boy felt so broken and weak.

+ + +

once upon a time there was a girl.
she grew up in a home with 5 sisters and brothers.
loved and trained by two parents,
whose foundation was the Lord.
she grew up and got married and had 5 babies of her own.
the girl lived in a farmhouse, just like she always wanted.
she sang, and served, and cooked, and made a home.
and the girl was happy.
but life began to fall apart. bit by bit, then hard and fast.
every prop the girl thought she had to lean on fell.
and all of a sudden the girl found herself alone.
with 5 little people. no house. no husband. no stability.
and though it felt like she had lost everything,
she found one thing remained.
and the foundation held strong.
though the girl felt so broken and weak.

+ + +

the boy started a new life with a new job in a new place.
he started attending a little church.
a church where there just so happened to be a girl.
with 5 little people.

one day the boy and the girl began talking.
about brokenness and loss. grief and pain.
and the girl was grateful to meet a fellow sufferer
who had found the same truths to be strong + true.
the boy and the girl kept talking. on Sundays after church.
and the more they talked the more the girl was struck
by how hard the boy fought to trust the Lord.
by how much he loved Jesus
and how grateful he was for salvation.
the boy often said, if nothing good ever happened again,
the Cross was proof enough of God’s goodness and love
and he would choose to believe it.
the girl came away every Sunday
wanting to trust God like the boy.

weeks turned to months and the friendship grew.
the boy was patient. oh so patient.
as the girl worked on rebuilding her life,
learning to heal and trust and praise again.
and slowly God began to do a work
in that scarred broken heart of the girl.
just as he’d worked in the heart of the boy.
opening her heart to faith
to want to try again.

and so eventually they did.

the boy set out to win the girl’s heart.
with love notes and coffee and flowers,
compliments and babysitting and housecleaning.
with loving correction and hours of conversation.
date nights and road trips and help in the dinnertime craziness.
the girl was afraid of being hurt again.
of starting over. of being vulnerable.
the boy was too.
but deeper than that they both knew.
that God was greater than their fears.
that He was loving and good.
that come joy or pain, plenty or loss,
should this relationship fail or succeed,
God was holding them no matter what.
and that He would keep them to the end.

one December night,
the boy asked the girl for the chance
to love her for the rest of their lives.
and she said yes.

+ + +

when i chose the name ten thousand things for my blog
this story was one of the things i had in mind.
because it. is. mine.

when everything was lost.
and it seemed the light would never come again.
God was working in the dark.
faithful to His Word.
leading, guiding, providing, teaching.
He wastes nothing.
He is a Redeemer.
beauty from ashes.
joy from pain.
He could have brought no change to my life
and He would still be just as good.
yet instead He chose to give me this most amazing boy.
i am overwhelmed with His mercy and love.
simply in awe at the glimpse
into this masterful plan the Author is weaving
and the story has only just begun…


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54 thoughts on “one of the ten thousand things.

  1. both your faith and the the boy’s faith is such an example to me and gives my heart hope. thank you for being honest and open with your wrestling how God has and is working in both of you through pain, loss and suffering. seeing the foundation stand when everything else crumbles reveals God’s love…so incredibly excited for you two to start life on a solid foundation together!!!

  2. Megan, Thanks for sharing your story. It brought tears to my eyes. My prayer is that God amazingly bless you and James as you start your new life together. God is so faithful!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. These verses I think capture what your and James story means to me. Faith. Building.

    Psalm 27:13-14
    I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living! Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!


  4. As the boy’s mother…..we are numb with joy.

    We trusted that in and through all the pain and loss and darkness the Lord was working good. His Word promised that He was working good. But would we live to see it? Or would it only be faith on this side? And now to live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living….there are no words.

    Yes….the story has only begun. :-) Can’t wait to read the rest of the book!!

  5. I have followed both of your stories for years and been inspired, separately, by your faith and trust. I have learned more than you would imagine… one of God’s ten thousand things never known was faith built in my heart thru difficult times at your story. from this side of the computer i was astonished and joyful from a distance at his goodness and this beauty! i am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Megan, thank you for your story filled with God’s spirit. I am sharing this with Ron. The darkness can be so frightening and the light is so brilliant..

  7. *tears*
    This is beautiful, Megan. Having watched you both from a distance, and ached with you each in your grief and loss, now seeing beauty coming from ashes, it fills my heart with wonder. and faith. I am so grateful to see this gracious kindness of the Lord. so very happy for you both.

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  9. I cried when I read this. This is surely the truth- if nothing good ever happened again, the cross is proof enough of His goodness. How extravagant, how ridiculously lavish, to give so much more than that. To give a second chance. I’m so overwhelmingly happy for you not only for a chance to start over and to heal but for a man who understands your heartbreak and pushes you toward the savior more than to himself. I’m so excited for your future, friend!

  10. So so happy for you and your boy! God is so precious! I always prayed that things would get better for you…I knew in my heart that God had amazing things set out for you. You are just such a great spirit and strong believer and I wish you the best! I am so happy God also brought you to James’ life. Such an amazing proof of how God is so good to us! Congrats, many blessings. <3

  11. Lord bless you both, thought we’ve never met. I’m sure many, like me, will be pointed here from Challies’ blog. Thank you for these beautiful words of His faithfulness. Truly touching.

  12. Beautiful story of an even more beautiful God. Things like this happen everywhere, and too many times are among the thousands of things that go unnoticed. Thanks for sharing!

  13. This brought me to tears. Thank you for giving me a glimse of what it looks like to live as if God is enough, even when life is impossibly difficult (well, not impossible with Him). My faith has been built as I’ve followed your story and because of you I believe more than ever before that should “all around my soul give way, He then is all my hope and stay”.
    A fellow Meagan from knoxville

  14. So glad to have stumbled across your new blog Megan and hear of this amazing, grace-filled story. Congrats and wishing you God’s richest blessings as you continue your journey!

  15. Your story touched me so much. What a beautiful love story..,one about God and his unending love and provision for us…and one of a boy and a girl finding each other and falling in love. I don’t know you Megan, but I do know James, and I wish you both all the happiness in the world with God’s richest blessings on you as you start this new chapter in your lives.

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  17. WOW! This is a truly inspiring story. Faith turned me onto your blog and I can only say that you are an amazing person. strong. true. raw and real. I appreciate you telling your story with us and reminding us that there is a greater being throwing situations at us he knows we can handle. With all you have been through, I am glad you are happy & living the life you deserve. :)

  18. Weeping. Tears of joy. Tears of gratefulness to a God who redeems the worst of moments, the worst of memories, the worst of sinners, of which I am. Those dreadful clouds of yesterday are breaking in present mercy on your heads! Rejoicing from afar. The Bahama Buntings

  19. What an amazing story of redemption, love, gratefulness and faith. Through tears I smile and thank God for how he has acted on your lives. Thanks for sharing your story…it oozes with HOPE. Beejee Herr

  20. Rejoicing with you both! As I watched James hardships from a distance, I prayed that God would keep Him firmly planted on the Rock, and hoped and prayed that He would bring love once again into his life… and just thought maybe, it would be someone just like you :-)

    (Love the name of your blog. I recently listened to a message by Piper stating this truth. God has been using Piper’s words to correct and reshape how I view God and the lot He has given me. Both of your testimonies, you and James, are living examples of “ten thousand things”…. of God’s infinite wisdom and never ceasing goodness and faithfulness… THANK YOU!)

  21. Beautiful story Meagan. James will always be one of my favorite people in this World. God has blessed you with a man of deep character. I was overwhelmed to read your story and see God at work in both of you. I remain devoted to James and am overjoyed to have you as part of the family.

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  23. I love this story! The way it is written, the truth, the hope, the love, the everything!! It made my day reading this…… as I to have experienced loss, loss that has broken into the depth of my soul and the only thing left for any hope is Christ. and all I can do is just cling to Him. Thank you for sharing this. You leave me wanting to know more!

  24. I just found your blog thanks to Jami Nato…there aren’t too many people I trust for blog recs, but hers I do :) I am SO blessed by your story, so grateful to a God of love. It’s an honor to be let into your story, truly. He is not only healing and pouring out grace on your lives, but to others through you. Mazel tov and what a beautiful ring!

  25. I praise God for your most precious story! Thank you for being faithful enough to express it. I certainly got goosebumps right from the start-and there was this sort of soul warmth (the kind only the Holy Spirit can offer) I had as I read it to the finish. I am so happy for you two and I praise that Jesus will bless you both!

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